1. Yacht Charter Broker

Use an established and reputable yacht charter broker who is an expert in where you want to sail or motor cruise and what your requirements are. E.g. BomDia Croatia

2. Expectations Are Met

 Know your expectations are met by filling out a detailed preference sheet detailing dietary requirements, wine and spirit preferences; tell the yacht your favourite things so they can book it in advance.

3. What Yacht Best Suits Your Needs

Decide if you are more interested in a classic or contemporary sailing or motor yacht. I recommend going to a yacht show and see what type of yacht best suits your needs.

4. Gastronomic Journey

Let the chef’s expertise take you on a gastronomic journey related to your eating penchants as well as discovering local specialties and indigenous culinary history.     

5. Make a Plan

 Plan your itinerary in advance as to what exactly you want such as relaxing in quiet and remote destinations or an itinerary full of nightclubs, beach clubs and Michelin starred restaurants’ e.g. decide where you want to go, what you want to do, where you want to cruise and for how long?

5. Be Realistic

Be realistic about how far you can travel in the time you have.

6. Local History

Learn the local history and go ashore for personal guided tours.

7. Go to the Market

 Go to the local market with the chef and learn local recipes.

8. Bring a Nanny

Bring a nanny if you have children.

9. Trust Your Captain

The captain is highly paid to be an expert in all aspects of safety, organising the yacht to sail while you sleep; avoiding bad weather and knowing how to get the most out of your time and itinerary. 

10. Suits your Personality

 Choose a yacht that suits your personality and activities e.g. from yoga to adrenaline charged water toys, specialised chefs to diving instructors.

12. Added Costs

Know all additional costs such as fuel, food, wine and spirits, tips and off shore activities.

11. Crew Profiles

Look at the crews profiles so it’s the right fit and find a crew with proven chartering longevity.

13. Peak Season Prices

Peak season prices will always be the highest but pre and shoulder season prices dramatically drop.

14. Anchor or Berthed

Decide if you want to be on anchor or berthed in Port as many docks are booked up in advance

15. On Board Activities

Look at the list of social on board activities like themed birthday parties or special occasions.

16. Back Up Plan

In case of bad weather have a backup itinerary.

17. Seasick-ness?

Let the captain know if you suffer from seasickness.

19. Same Language

Make sure the crew speaks the same language.

20. Know Your Limits

Your budget will determine your limits so prepare in advance.


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