1. Level of Skiing

Choose a resort that either challenges or suits your level of skiing.

2. Ski in & Ski out

Choose accommodation that is on the slopes; ski in and ski out.

3. Time is right

Time it right by studying the season for when it snows the most or contrastingly sunny depending on your desires.      

4. Choose wisely

 Choose a resort or chalet that has all your requirements e.g. swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, private chef, view etc.

5. Ski Equipment

Make sure you have all the right paraphernalia and ski equipment and book in advance if you need to hire.

6. Send in Advance

Transporting ski gear is a pain so send it in advance to your ski resort which is cheaper that overdoing your baggage allowance.

7. Get Insurance!

Make sure you are fully insured for all types of accidents and in that particular country including emergency helicopters.

8. Book in Advance

In peak season most of the best restaurants will be fully booked so book in advance including the paramount spots for lunch.

9. Free Ski Gear Allowance

Travel with an airline that allows a free ski gear allowance.

10. Booking a Catered Chalet

If booking a catered chalet do your research on their credibility.

11. Check out Lift Pass Deals

Check out lift pass deals in advance, most discount the more you ski.

12. Online Weather Maps

 Use weather maps and snow resorts and information for 3100 ski resorts.

13. Are You Fit Enough

If heli-skiing make sure you are fit enough and I suggest a day depending on fitness before you commit to a week     

14. First Class Trains

First class trains in Europe travel to hundreds of ski resorts in Europe

15. GPS Destination

If you rent a car ask for your GPS destination to be pre-programed in advance.

16. Off the Beaten Track

Go to a resort off the beaten track or in a remote country like India 

17. Ski Instructor

Choose a suitable ski instructor or ski guide in advance especially in peak season.

18. The Right Ski Gear

Choose the right ski gear for your ability and type of terrain

19. The Fitter You Are!

The fitter you are the more fun you will have so exercising beforehand is key such as joining a gym ski fitness program.  

20. Try National Cuisine Specialties

Mix & Mingle with the Locals

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