Over my time working as a luxury yacht chef I sailed over 90,000 nautical miles (4 times around the world in distance). Below are photos of my time on luxury sailing yachts. 

Yacht racing therefore defines a world circumnavigation to be a passage of at least 21,600 nautical miles (40,000 km) in length which crosses the equator, crosses every meridian and finishes in the same port as it starts.

Super Yacht Intrigue Unfolding Across Pacific

A tale involving a seized super yacht in Vanuatu and a mystery after-hours jet landing in Papua New Guinea is turning into an international intrigue with few clues offered to what is really going on.

Suspected of illegal activities, the 75-metre long four-masted yacht Phocea has been under arrest in Port Vila harbour since it arrived from Italy, via Panama and Tonga, on July 14 last year.


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