CHEF FOR SAIL  - I have completed two universal travel memoirs spanning over eight years working as a high-end chef.  Many of my travel and culinary experiences where I visited over 50 countries, sailing over 85,000 nautical miles are not only noteworthy, they are highly entertaining and a damn good read. The website is the visual story of these books and of a fascinating journey I never envisioned. 

Synopsis. Chef for Sail is a raconteur, aspiring writer and unintentional chef’s astonishing true story, offering you an exclusive glimpse into the secret lives of the rich, while cooking on a world famous luxury sailing yacht, in gated and gilded mansions and high-class ski chalets. 

When our protagonist, John McGrath, switches identity by accidentally becoming a professional chef, engaged in a task way beyond his capabilities, this remarkable story transports you on his fascinating personal odyssey. This tome explodes with implausible travel adventures, satirizing humour, crazy billionaire antics and this charming rogue’s uncanny ability to bamboozle his way around the globe cooking, gourmandizing, carousing, philandering and romanticizing. By his own account, the author “fakes it till he makes it” while working for the weird, the wacky and the highly secretive mega-rich and famous just so he can fund his travel and culinary escapades and writing habit.

This all gets underway in 2009 when high profile New Zealand personality, ex-Mayoral candidate, entrepreneur and writer John McGrath left his country with big dreams of selling his first book at the world’s largest trade book fair in Frankfurt and a screenplay at the Venice and Zurich film festivals. Unsuccessful and disheartened when these dreams are not realised, having spent all his cash he is forced into liquidation and has to find work urgently.

He attends an interview for what he thinks at the time was a ski instructor’s job in Chamonix, France, claiming qualifications and experience that he simply doesn’t have, but a stroke of good fortune sees him end up in the spectacular French Alps, unintentionally working in luxury chalets as a high-end chef.

A few mammoth white lies later, and he secures a job as the head chef aboard the legendary 75 metre luxury sailing yacht Phocea, cruising the elite Mediterranean milk-run. Totally out of his depth he wakes up wearing someone else’s pajamas whilst continuing this charade and rollercoaster ride. His newfound culinary skills soon improve dramatically as he cooks for the rich and famous in glitzy St Moritz, Switzerland enjoying a first-class winter season.

He has high hopes when he launches his third book at the glamorous Cannes film festival, but poor book sales mean reality bites and it is back to flaming pans and hot ovens as a private chef, for a Dutch dynasty on the glorious French Riviera. He has a ski season in voguish Aspen Colorado; cooking, attending a writing workshop and teaching adaptive snow skiing. Penniless he heads back to the South of France to work in luxury yachting and is soon working for wealthy tycoons all over the globe. 

10 motives people will buy and enjoy reading these books and why they are merchantable generally.

1) A bird’s eye view into the lifestyles of the highly secretive mega rich and famous.

2) An entertaining and historical global travel narrative from a chef’s point of view.

3) A chef’s guide to international provisioning and cooking with no expense sparred.

4) An amusing account as life as a crew member on luxury yachts and in deluxe ski chalets.

5) The first books to historically document the super yacht industry 100 year evolution.

6) The author’s uncanny ability to fake it to he makes it punching well above his weight.

7) These books are distinctively placed in travel/food/memoir markets with nothing similar. 

8) The books have international appeal to readers that like other food or travel books by authors such as Anthony Bourdain, Bill Bryson or Paul Theroux.  

9) To advance book sales I took thousands of photos I have linked to a website and blog which tells the visual story of these adventures www.chefforsail.com

10) I am determined in helping guarantee the success of these books and would available 24/7 in working dynamically to promote and market them accordingly.

Contact: johnny@chefforsail.com 


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