Cannes Confidential

Cannes Confidential is written by New Zealand's foremost film critic and Cannes Film Festival regular, John B. McGrath, this is a no-holds barred account of what happens behind the glitzy and glamorous facade of the legendary Cannes Film Festival.

A lifelong film fan whose mecca is the beautiful city on the Cote d’Azur; this is his account of numerous festival antics includes a good dose of name dropping along with some self-confessed crimes and misdemeanors undertaken in the name of gatecrashing!

Cannes Confidential reveals everything there is to know about the legendary Cannes Film Festival but too afraid to ask. No one has previously attempted taking such an insider's look at the cinema cognoscenti, the hype, the Riviera underworld and the glitz, glamour, sleaze, sex and debauchery that intermingles with the lifestyles of the rich and famous and is the real life blood of the famous festival. 


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