DROMOMANIA, also known as travelling fugue, is an uncontrollable psychological urge to wander. People with this condition spontaneously depart from their routine; travel long distances and takes up different identities and occupations.

19/08/2018 Nine years ago to this day, I left New Zealand with high hopes of selling a screenplay at the Venice, Zurich, or Cannes film festival and a book at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Down on my luck with no success at all, I accidentally landed a chef job in Chamonix France. This was a total shock as I thought I was applying for a ski instructor job! But fate had other plans for me and I ended up working as a professional chef, something I was not at all qualified to do.

My passion for travel all started when I was raised in paradisaical Lautoka, Fiji, and Honiara in the remote Solomon Islands. Dad was a land surveyor, so I spent plenty of time at sea exploring the major and minor islands. When I was in my teens, our family moved to Twizel in the majestically beautiful, remote and rugged New Zealand high country where I first mastered snow skiing, golf, and horse riding. My yearning for travel at 22 prompted the first of many long journeys, spending three months driving alone coast-to-coast through 20 different states in North America.  

Accidentally becoming a chef gave me an opportunity to travel to over 50 countries. As I continue to travel, my blogs mission is to take you with me on these global journeys, focusing on the finer aspects of travel, offering you luxury travel tips, seeking out the latest accommodation, eating at paramount restaurants, drinking local wines and spirits, and learning how to cook the choicest of provincial cuisine. I will offer you professional advice on yacht chartering and staying at high-end ski chalets throughout Europe, Colorado, and New Zealand. If you are excited and passionate about travel, history, wine and food, follow me and share my larger-than-life, often humorous escapades, as I seek higher ground hoping to inspire you to do the same.

I am indeed a dromomaniac pursuing my insatiable psychological urge for travel and spirited adventure.

We all have different motivations for travel but at the top of my list it is simple; I am always my happiest wandering the globe pursuing a sense of freedom and adventure. Life is a fascinating event to be lived to the fullest, too many only see that towards the end. I’ve always aspired to live life above and beyond – and by the grace of whatever almighty power you believe in, I intend to keep on doing so as long as my lungs and heart and spirit have the power to carry me! 


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