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Wine & Food Matching

My greatest passion as a Chef and as a diner is matching food with wine as it allows me to fully enhance the complete dining experience.  This is achieved simply by matching certain elements such as texture and flavour in both the food and wine.  Finding the right combination of these elements will interact with each other and your taste buds will enjoy the results. The most straightforward component of food and wine matching is to understand the balance between the "weight" of the foo...

August 24, 2018


DROMOMANIA, also known as travelling fugue, is an uncontrollable psychological urge to wander. People with this condition spontaneously depart from their routine; travel long distances and takes up different identities and occupations. 19/08/2018 Nine years ago to this day, I left New Zealand with high hopes of selling a screenplay at the Venice, Zurich, or Cannes film festival and a book at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Down on my luck with no success at all, I accidentally landed a chef job in...

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